Mazarine Blue 'Be present Show grace' EP MUSIC VIDEOS


6 music videos from 6 international directors encompassing different genres, styles and concepts with a central thematic reference.

Mazarine Blue's music presents an echo of the past cemented in their own unique style which has stimulated the interest of six international directors, from Russia to Mexico, South Korea to Australia, to develop music videos in the bands ardently cinematic and diverse style.

This project shows different areas of the arts communities coming together to jointly support and inspire.



Director/Editor/Producer: Joanna Bence
Cinematographer: Sohail Kamali
Gaffer/Camera Assistant: Fyodor Druzin

Joanna Bence was born and raised in Melbourne, Joanna has worked in film and television as a writer, director, editor, camera operator, production manager in her native Australia since she was 14 as well as the UK, India, Sri Lanka, Mexico and across Europe.

She has made documentaries, short films and educational videos as well as working on feature films, television, commercials and corporate productions with Brave Films, Lowdown Productions, Seven Dimensions and Pacific Circle Films. Her experience ranges from high profile serials such as Neighbours to single camera self produced documentary short, The Women of Ankur Kala.

In 2008 she began her MA at The London Film School where she has directed three short films, Triumph of the Wheels, The Shadow & documentary short The Milkman following 72 year old Burnley Milkman Robert Holding who was arrested for supplying marijuana resin to his elderly clients.

Her current and future projects include Invisible Strings, Diary of a Shots Girl (Television serial, Prod. Carley Edmonds), The Door in the Air (New Zealand), One Bloody White Bird (India) and Snails (Feature documentary following different styles of nomadic life; backpacking, cultural nomads, caravaners throughout the world). PRODUCER CREDITS Through the Eyes, (2008) 16mm Short, Dir. Eunji Kim Fernlea, (2009) HD Australian Government Information Video Lilith, (2009) 35mm B&W short, Dir. A.R. Madabushi The Man with no Name, (2010) 35mm Colour short, Dir. Nikolaj Belzer Outsight, (2011 - In production) HD B&W short, Dir. A.R. Madabushi The Door in the Air (2011 - Pre-production), Mini Series CURB DENIZEN PRODUCTIONS



Director/Cinematographer: Fyodor Druzin
Producer/Editor: Joanna Bence

Fyodor Druzin is a professional director, photographer and cinematographer who has worked in Russia, U.S.A and across Europe. He has a passion for unique visual styles and relishes discovering new techniques both technically and creatively.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Film and Television advertising and two Masters Degrees, from the University of St Petersburg and The London Film School in International Journalism and Filmmaking respectively. His experience ranges from commercials for Ford Fiesta (2010), music videos, corporate videos, short films and documentaries.

In 2010 he spent three months in Kyrgyzstan as Producer of The Rain it Poured (Dir. Aygul Bakanova), the first film of any nature to be produced in the region since the political conflict erupted in February. Inspired by the country and its people he remained in Bishkek after the films completion and worked on community service campaigns as well as compiling documentary footage in the capital and in the southern town of Osh where the violence and ethnic cleansing had begun. Fyodor is a passionate and unconventional filmmaker who seeks to bring Eastern and Western filmmaking perspectives together to collectively inspire and challenge both audiences.


Director: Giacomo Boeri
1st AD: Joanna Bence
Director of Photography: Tay Blyth-Kabota
Camera Operator: Elly Nakajima
Camera Assistant: Anand Madabushi
Gaffer: Alastair Uhlig
Producer: Joanna Bence
Production Manager: Zee Faloon
Editor: Twan Da Silva
Starring David Lyon.

Giacomo Boeri completed his Bachelor degree in Media Advertising and Communication at San Raffaele University before attending the New York Film Academy.

In 2009 he moved to London to complete his Masters at The London Film School where he has studied cinematography, editing, screenwriting and direction. He has worked professionally in advertising in both London and Milan and as an independent filmmaker across Europe and the U.S.A. His films embrace classical tendencies, the comic and whimsical whilst using traditional and modern technologies, shooting on 35mm, 16mm, HDV and the Red camera.

Giacomo is a director who makes films with the audience in mind, from comedies to family dramas and modern fairytales, his films are made to be enjoyed.*/chooseMedia/4/ CURB DENIZEN PRODUCTIONS



Director: Michael Cimpher
1st AD: Giannina LaSalvia
Producer: Joanna Bence
Production Manager: Zee Faloon
Cinematographer: Ben Barber
Gaffer/Camera Assistant: Kelly Amundsen
Production Designer: J.A. Cerillo
Art Director/Costume/Make-Up: Sara Polonghini
Rowena Lennon, Nick Howard-Brown, Lorayne Constance and Peter Gerard.

Michael A. Cimpher is a Boston film maker currently finishing his MA at the prestigious London Film School.

Michael's work has been screened at the Cannes Film Festival, The London National Gallery and for 3 consecutive years in the "Best of Open Screen" show in Boston Massachusetts. His work has been reviewed in Spanish, French and Italian Art Blogs. While his recent photography was part of an online exhibition for the Smithsonian Museum, Michael's true love is in horror. This love stems from the works of Richard Matheson, Clive Barker, Maya Deren and early Shinya Tsukamoto. These influences directly inspire his films which have allowed Michael to work with George A. Romero. Though after hiking over 2200 miles, spending seven years building underwater robots and barefoot running, Michael's rooted dedication is to directing cinema that will stimulate and excite our horror genre. Michael A. Cimpher is currently mentored by British Feature Film Director, Christopher Smith (Black Death, Triangle and Severance).


Director/Animator - J.A. Cerillo
Director of Photography - Alasdair Beckett-King
Production Designer - Rebecca Marshall
Art Director - Adriana Paramo Perez
Make-up - Harriet McComb
1st AD - Merv Lewis
Editor - Corin Taylor
Production Manager - Zee Faloon
Producer - Joanna Bence

Starring Moss Houdini, Khalid Ismail, Livier Diaz De Leon

Jose Alberto Cerrillo was born and raised in Guanajuato, Mexico. In 2006 he was awarded a Bachelor's Degree on Media Studies by Universidad Iberoamericana Leon. In that period, he directed a short film ("Contesta"), which was selected for competition in two Festivals: Pantalla de Cristal (2005) and Expresion en Corto (2005). Shortly afer, he worked as the Workshops Coordinator in Albanta Universidad Para Ninos A.C., a Secondary School, were he also taught Geography and designed a video production course for teenagers.

He is finishing an MA on filmmaking at the London Film School (LFS) where he has worked on more than 15 projects, with particular interest in Directing and Production Design. Some of his films are: 'Not Just an Object' (16mm, 2009), 'A Mechanical Heart' (35mm, 2010) and 'Angel Inquisidor' (16mm, 2011). CURB DENIZEN PRODUCTIONS Mazarine Blue


Director: Eunji Kim
Cinematographer: Joanna Bence
Production Manager: Zee Faloon
Editor: Twan Da Silva
Viola Newbery, David Alderman and Stevie Raine.

Born in South Korea, Eunji Kim is a production designer and writer/director, who has a love and passion for filmmaking. Trained in French Literature, Fine Arts & Filmmaking, Eunji has been involved in various activities ranging from visual arts to directing.

Based in London since 1999, she has been working as a visual artist, exhibiting her works in numerous galleries including Whitechapel Gallery and Saatchi & Saatchi as a member of artist collectives. Her work focuses on exploring constantly escaping impressions by using video/slide projections as well as multimedia installations.

She completed her degree in Film & Video Production at London College of Printing and is currently conducting her Masters Degree at London Film School. She understands Filmmaking as 'visual storytelling' and combines her knowledge and experience to create unique visions when building sets and designing looks for films. Her credits as production designer include studio set building for fantasy, horror and dramas. She also has numerous credits as Art Director, set dresser and scenic painter.


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